Yoga to Beat Back to School Blues

It’s that time of year when kids start going back to school. Parents might be thrilled, but some kids may be feeling a little down about having to go back into their structured classroom settings after a Summer of fun. While back-to-school jitters can range from simple nervousness or lack of motivation to actual anxiety, there are a couple of things both kids and parents can do to try and get back into the groove of the school year. Doing yoga is a great way to ease your child’s mind and help them to start focusing on the year to come. Here are some great back-to-school yoga poses for you and your child to try. If you don’t have a child, maybe give these a try to ease the feeling of dread you get when you realize tomorrow is Monday.

  • Star Pose: Perform Star Pose by stepping your feet wide and lifting your arms out to your sides. It will help with back-to-school blues because it improves circulation, which will build confidence and energy.
  • Warrior III: Perform Warrior III by stepping back to the back of the mat with your left leg and lifting your arms into Warrior I. Then slowly balancing on your right leg, lift your left leg off the ground and allow your torso to move down, so your arms are facing forward. Balance poses require focus, which will help to calm your child’s mind as they prepare for school.
  • Yoga Squat: Enter the yoga squat by sitting on your mat with your legs out in front of you. Bend each of your legs, so your knees are pointing to the ceiling. Make sure your calves are near to the back of your thighs. Try to keep your feet flat on the ground and bring your hands to heart center. It is considered a grounding pose and taps into downward flowing energy which is supposed to calm you. It’s a great pose to do whenever you’re feeling anxious or are seeking a sense of calmness.
  • Downward Facing Dog: Perform Downward Facing Dog by starting in mountain pose and move into the forward fold. Once there, step back into plank pose, then lift your hips into the air. It is another grounding pose that will bring a sense of calm and is also just a great stretch!
  • Shavasana: This is a relaxing pose that you can use to clear your mind of any thoughts and just focus on your breath. To perform it, all you need to do is lay on your mat with your feet relaxed and your arms out and palms facing upwards. Try to relax your mind and body completely and not think about your to-do list or stressors. Just focus on breathing.

Hopefully, these poses will help you and your child with back-to-school jitters, or help you feel like you can tackle your Monday. Yoga is a great way to try and relax your mind before anything that may make you nervous so as I said above, even if you don’t have kids give a few of these a try before your next big presentation or even first date!

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