Stronger is the New Beautiful

Lifting weights will not necessarily make you strong as a bodybuilder. It is a combination of things that determine how your body will be shaped and how muscles will appear. They consist of the type of workouts, the number of repetitions, and most importantly, the food that you’re fueling your muscles with.

There might not be any magic materials or cuts to the yoga pants that will make your legs look more toned (yet), but there are simple exercises which you can easily incorporate to your daily health quests that will make you leaner. So when you decide to wear a pair of womens shorts or head to the beach, you will feel comfortable and confident in your skin.

Did you know that getting stronger can actually make you leaner, improve your metabolism, and in turn, make you feel better and more confident? Muscles require energy, so even after you’re done with your workout, your muscles are still burning calories. For attaining lean muscles, the combination of exercises should consist of cardio and strength moves; they work cohesively. Cardio moves improve cardiovascular health and reduce stress and all the unpleasant adornments that stress brings along. Strength training speeds up your metabolism while you’re also tightening and toning your body.

As with any other physical activity, listen to your body. While the results might not be seen overnight, you also cannot speed up the process if you’re overdoing it. Some days, a good stretch is exactly what your body needs, and if so, don’t go banging your head against the wall for more. There could also be times when you’re possibly doubting that you might start bulking up. Switch a little weight for a higher repetition of the move. Also, if you’re trying to work a certain area of your body more, then up your weight from the start and drop it when you feel it getting too heavy. Doing so will build muscles and tone them at the same time. There are a lot of exercises like simple squats where you can do a certain amount of repetitions and then fine tone with small movements at the bottom of the squat for a certain amount of time. Yes, your legs will burn. But that’s what you signed up for, right?

Anything you do at the gym must, however, be supported by your nutrition and hydration. As a fitness coach myself, I feel like an old parrot telling this, but the real results are only seen when the nutritious intake is balanced with our lifestyles and types of workouts that we’re doing, targeted towards the goals we are attaining.

Fuel your body right upon completion of the workout with a protein-boosting smoothie, for example. A rich source of protein can be found in nuts and yogurt (not the frozen kind though, silly). A fruit provides all the natural sugars your body needs in terms of sweets. You just need to tell that to your head before it orders your hand to snatch the sweet treat from the shelf. But even when it does, indulge a little without worrying. You worked extra hard, and you only live once (unless you’re a cat).

You are definitely stronger than you think. Your mind just doesn’t want you to know it. You are capable and beautiful. Give yourself the credit for it. If you can’t take it, how can others see it and compliment you on it? Now repeat after me, “I’m beautiful.”

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