The Proper Way to Perform the Cobra Pose

The Cobra pose is a backbend type of asana that stretches your spine and prepares your body for more complicated yoga poses. It increases your body’s flexibility, stretches your chest and strengthens your shoulders. It is a great pose for those of you who suffer from respiratory conditions such as asthma. Not to mention the fact that it gives you energy by reducing fatigue and stress. Here are the main steps to do the Cobra pose. 

#1. Lie Down on Your Belly on the Yoga Mat

Twist your toes so that they are flat on the ground while the soles are parallel with the wall behind you. Place your hands near your torso. Keep your elbows bent and your palms on the mat. All toes and fingers should be grounded into the mat. 

#2. Straighten Your Spine

Pull your shoulders back and open your chest while closing up the space between your shoulder blades. Try to keep the shoulder as far away from your ears as possible. 

#3. Activate Your Core 

Engage your abdominal muscles by tucking your belly button area towards your spine. This way you will protect your lower back. Also, focus throughout the entire pose so that your muscles are engaged until the end. It is important to do that to maintain your hips and thighs firm and grounded when you bend your torso backwards. 

#4. Lift Your Upper Body into a Low Cobra Asana 

You can do that by pushing your hips, hands, and outside part of your feet into the floor. Start lifting your upper body slowly. Open your chest toward the ceiling by tilting your chin upward. In a spiritual approach, this means you are opening your heart to the sky. Although you’re using your hands for support, don’t put a lot of pressure in them for the moment.

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Additional Tips

Although you will bend your head back, try not to strain your neck. Your head should feel comfortable and relaxed during the entire pose.

Inhale and exhale throughout the pose, and maintain the Cobra asana for about four of five breaths.

After doing the pose, try a new challenge by stretching your back even more.

As soon as you start feeling pain or tension in your body, release the pose immediately.

With each long exhale, you should try to push your torso up a little higher.

One of the most important things about the Cobra pose is to maintain your lower body on the mat while keeping your hips and legs still.

Consider quality over quantity. The proper and correct form is always better than a deeper stretch. This pose will provide benefits if you perform it correctly.

Summing It Up

The Cobra pose asana is suitable for all yoga practitioners, from beginners to experienced ones. It increases your lower back flexibility while stretching your chest and shoulders. High chest lifts are best suited for those of you who have more experience with yoga practice.

*Caution: You should not try this pose if you suffer from a recent back injury. 

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